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If you are running a Clinic or Diagnostic Center with a clear objective to make Patient engagement & retention Cost Effective, Seamless, Ethical & Intelligent, Clinestra is here for you!

Why do you need a Patient Relationship Management System ?

Patient Conversion & Retention remains one of the biggest challenges of a growing healthcare entity. Our Health Intelligence (A.I.) model is specifically built to improve health seeking behavior of patients while staying grounded in clinical guidelines. Clinestra leverages this intelligence to assist & handhold the patient throughout their journey building better experience & trust. All of this ultimately results in better retention of the patient for continuum of care.

Cost Effective

Reduce patient engagement costs through automation and metric based prioritization


A.I. built on a medical Knowledge base curated by a team of healthcare professionals (doctors, dieticians, lab experts...)


Designed to be highly automated & seamless to provide you with more time with your patients

How does it help ?

Improve your patient load capacity

Onboard patients in a seamless manner with provision for chatbot based automated appointment bookings, payments, history capture.

Power your practice through easy clinical documentation

Simplified interface to Create Electronic Medical Records with added emphasis on patient profiling & clinical impact

Retain patients through Intelligent Engagement

Share interactive & educative lab reports / prescriptions to patients along side our behavior oriented reminders

Personal Assistant for Operational Monitoring

Get a Smart Virtual Assistant that can help you
monitor healthcare operations & analyze efficiency


  1. Customer profiling based on health conditions & other health indicators

  2. Understands healthcare data and healthcare processes

  3. Provides curated patient education content out of the box

  4. Automated & personalized engagement based on evidence based clinical logics

  5. Provides inbuilt features for interoperability with your partners

Traditional CRM

  1. Only general consumer profiling available for creating promotions

  2. Not built to understand healthcare data / processes

  3. You need to provide engagement content & create message templates

  4. No automated engagement / only time based automated engagement

  5. Additional integrations & tools required for interoperability with your partners

Works alongside Your Existing LIMS/HIMS/CRM

All your Patient Data Remains on your Servers

Pay-as-you-scale Flexible Monthly & Yearly Plans


1. I do not have a Clinic Management Application. Can I still use it?

Yes absolutely, clinestra comes packed up with all the features to manage a clinic. Also, for managing any extended services like pharmacy, accounts etc we provide integrations with trusted third party applications

2. Do you use my data to train your model?

No. Our model comes pre-trained. However, we train our chatbot with your service catalogue & other operational data points to provide better assistance to your patients. Nonetheless, we do not use this chatbot or the data for any other customer/client other than you

3. I already have a Clinical / Laboratory management system that sends reminders & alerts, why do I need a separate application for the same?

Clinestra is more than just a reminder system, it profiles the patients, groups them into target cohorts, understands individual behavior and takes actions on a very subjective & personalized manner.

4. How clinestra's chatbot is different from regular chatbot providers?

Firstly clinestra is one of the very few Healthcare trained chatbots in the world. Secondly, its built using our proprietary A.I. which also uses large language models for a more natural conversational style. Finally, we built in the capability of understanding various clinical scenarios & capturing specific data required in the given scenario.

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